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Latest STABLE version

Download logback version 1.2.3 including full source code, class files and documentation in ZIP or TAR.GZ format:

EXPERIMENTAL version compatible with SLF4J 1.8.x (Jigsaw/Java9 modular)

Download logback version 1.3.0-alpha4 including full source code, class files and documentation in ZIP or TAR.GZ format:

Logback modules are available as downloads including full source code, class files and documentation.

If you wish to download an older version of logback, please refer to the distributions directory.

logback-beagle: an Eclipse plug-in for viewing logs

We also offer a console plugin for Eclipse called logback-beagle. It allows you to receive logging events in a convenient Eclipse view, and offers various convenient features. A more precise description for this plug-in along with installation instructions can be found in logback-beagle user guide.

Third-party tools, extensions or forks (in chronological order)

If you are the author of a logback-related project and would like us to add your project to the list below please drop a line on the logback-dev mailing list.

Lilith by Joern Huxhorn
Lilith is a Logging- and AccessEvent viewer for logback.

Logback-akka by Ivan Porto Carrero.
Consists of several akka-based logback utilities, including ActorAppender, HoptoadActorAppender and Logstash redis appender.

Logback-android by Tony Trinh.
Logback-Android brings the power of Logback to Android.

Simpledb-appender by Gabriel Nell
Logback Appender writing to Amazon SimpleDB. See also Logging the cloud with SimpleDB.

logback-configuration by Martin Todorov
A service layer (using Spring) and a REST interface which provides methods to: add or update loggers, resolve a log file, resolve the logback configuration file, and upload a logback configuration file and reload it.

Logback-gelf by Anthony Marcar
Logback-gelf can log messages to a Graylog2 server via GELF messages.

Logback-testng by Scott Babcock
Logback appender for TestNG Reporter.