The current actively developed version of logback supporting Jakarta EE (jakarta.* namespace) is 1.5.6. It requires JDK 11 and SLF4J version 2.0.1 at runtime. It was built with JDK 21 and SLF4J version 2.0.13.

Older stable versions (INACTIVE)

• Logback version 1.4.14 is the latest in the 1.4.x series. It is the direct ancestor of the 1.5.x series. It supports Jakarta EE (jakarta.* namespace) and requires SLF4J version 2.0.x and JDK 11. The 1.4.x series is no loger actively developed.

• Logback version 1.3.14 is the latest in the 1.3.x series. It supports Java EE (java.* namespace) but otherwise is feature identical to 1.4.14. It requires SLF4J version 2.0.x and JDK 8. The 1.3.x series is no loger actively developed.

• The 1.2.x series has been deprecated for several years and is no longer actively developed.

Binaries in Maven central

Logback artifacts such as .jar, .sources.jar and javadoc.jar files can be downloaded from Maven central under the ch.qos.logback groupId.

Verifying contents

Since early 2022, all logback binaries are reproducible. To verify fidelity to the source code, check out the source code from github with the tag corresponding to the version you wish to verify. Build and compare.

All logback artifacts published on Maven central are signed. For each artifact, there is an associated signature file with the .asc suffix. See for detailed instructions.

Third-party tools, extensions or forks (in chronological order)

If you are the author of a logback-related project and would like us to add your project to the list below please drop a line on the logback-dev mailing list.

Provides logback encoders, layouts, and appenders to log in JSON and other formats supported by Jackson.

Lilith by Joern Huxhorn
Lilith is a Logging- and AccessEvent viewer for logback.

Logback-akka by Ivan Porto Carrero.
Consists of several akka-based logback utilities, including ActorAppender, HoptoadActorAppender and Logstash redis appender.

Logback-android by Tony Trinh.
Logback-Android brings the power of Logback to Android.

Simpledb-appender by Gabriel Nell
Logback Appender writing to Amazon SimpleDB. See also Logging the cloud with SimpleDB.

logback-configuration by Martin Todorov
A service layer (using Spring) and a REST interface which provides methods to: add or update loggers, resolve a log file, resolve the logback configuration file, and upload a logback configuration file and reload it.

Logback-gelf by Anthony Marcar
Logback-gelf can log messages to a Graylog2 server via GELF messages.

Logback-testng by Scott Babcock
Logback appender for TestNG Reporter.