Latest STABLE version

The latest stable logback version is 1.2.11.

EXPERIMENTAL/UNSTABLE requiring SLF4J version 2.0.0-alpha7

The current actively developped version is 1.3.0-alpha16.

Binaries in Maven central

Logback artifacts such as .jar, .sources.jar and javadoc.jar files can be downloaded from Maven central under the ch.qos.logback groupId.

logback-beagle: an Eclipse plug-in for viewing logs

We also offer a console plugin for Eclipse called logback-beagle. It allows you to receive logging events in a convenient Eclipse view, and offers various convenient features. A more precise description for this plug-in along with installation instructions can be found in logback-beagle user guide.

Third-party tools, extensions or forks (in chronological order)

If you are the author of a logback-related project and would like us to add your project to the list below please drop a line on the logback-dev mailing list.

Provides logback encoders, layouts, and appenders to log in JSON and other formats supported by Jackson.

Lilith by Joern Huxhorn
Lilith is a Logging- and AccessEvent viewer for logback.

Logback-akka by Ivan Porto Carrero.
Consists of several akka-based logback utilities, including ActorAppender, HoptoadActorAppender and Logstash redis appender.

Logback-android by Tony Trinh.
Logback-Android brings the power of Logback to Android.

Simpledb-appender by Gabriel Nell
Logback Appender writing to Amazon SimpleDB. See also Logging the cloud with SimpleDB.

logback-configuration by Martin Todorov
A service layer (using Spring) and a REST interface which provides methods to: add or update loggers, resolve a log file, resolve the logback configuration file, and upload a logback configuration file and reload it.

Logback-gelf by Anthony Marcar
Logback-gelf can log messages to a Graylog2 server via GELF messages.

Logback-testng by Scott Babcock
Logback appender for TestNG Reporter.