Interface FilterAttachable<E>

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AbstractServerSocketAppender, AbstractSocketAppender, AbstractSSLSocketAppender, AccessContext, AppenderBase, AsyncAppender, AsyncAppenderBase, ConsoleAppender, CountingConsoleAppender, CyclicBufferAppender, FileAppender, FilterAttachableImpl, ListAppender, LogbackValve, NOPAppender, OutputStreamAppender, RequestLogImpl, RollingFileAppender, ServerSocketAppender, ServerSocketAppender, SiftingAppender, SiftingAppender, SiftingAppenderBase, SMTPAppender, SMTPAppender, SMTPAppenderBase, SocketAppender, SocketAppender, SSLServerSocketAppender, SSLServerSocketAppender, SSLServerSocketAppenderBase, SSLSocketAppender, SSLSocketAppender, SyslogAppender, SyslogAppenderBase, TrivialLogbackAppender, UnsynchronizedAppenderBase, WithLayoutListAppender

public interface FilterAttachable<E>
Interface for attaching filters to objects.
Ceki Gülcü
  • Method Details

    • addFilter

      void addFilter(Filter<E> newFilter)
      Add a filter.
    • clearAllFilters

    • getCopyOfAttachedFiltersList

      Get a copy of all the filters contained within this FilterAttachable object.
      all attached filters as a list
    • getFilterChainDecision

      Loop through the filters in the chain. As soon as a filter decides on ACCEPT or DENY, then that value is returned. If all of the filters return NEUTRAL, then NEUTRAL is returned.